Star Crap Method for Dancers: Healing Edition

Larissa Velez-Jackson presents Star Crap Method for Dancers: Healing Edition. Star Crap Method is a dance-improvisation/live composition practice that embraces technical brilliance and failure in equal measure, with an exaggerated emphasis on the “nowness” of performance. Reflexively narrating their experiences and processes throughout the dance, LVJ and co. seek new ways to share humor, vulnerability, and absurdity with the audience. In this new edition, the practice explores somatic forms of healing, used to address injury and personal trauma.

Conceived and directed by Larissa Velez-Jackson
Choreography by Larissa Velez-Jackson in collaboration with Talya Epstein, Kyli Kleven, and Jess Pretty
Performed by Talya Epstein, Kyli Kleven, Jess Pretty, and Larissa Velez-Jackson
Sound design by Larissa Velez-Jackson


Larissa Velez-Jackson (LVJ) is a choreographer and hybrid artist. Using improvisation as a main tool for research and creation, LVJ’s work focuses on personhood and the dancing/sound-making body. She employs humor to welcome a wider audience to contemporary critical performance and discourse. As artistic director of the LVJ Performance Co., Velez-Jackson’s works have been featured at The Bushwick Starr, The Chocolate Factory Theater, Roulette, Museum of Art and Design, Danspace Project, New Museum of Contemporary Art, American Realness Festival at Abrons Arts Center and New York Live Arts.

In 2014, LVJ premiered “Star Crap Method” at The Chocolate Factory Theater, a culmination of three years of studio and stage research in improvisational dramaturgy and performance. She was also a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence (2012-2013), a Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide artist-in-residence with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2013), an El Museo Del Barrio Artist in Residence (2014-2015), a Live Feed artist-in-residence at New York Live Arts (2015-2016), and most recently an artist in residence at 92Y’s Harkness Dance Center (2017-2018).

Photo credit: Scott Shaw