May 13 Monday

3:00-9:00     Registration

1:00-4:00     Preconference in Room 9204

4:30-6:00     Panel 1 in Room 9205

Chair: Mara Valderrama

Taylor Black. NYU

Just a Robot Keeping it Real: Fiction and Authenticity in Instagram Corporate Performance.

So-Rim Lee. Columbia University

From Boyfriend to Roleplays to Virtual Surgeries: Korean ASMRtists Perform for Tingles and Digital Intimacy.

sair goetz.

Voice Euphoria Hour

6:00-6:30          Break

6:30-7:00     Introductory Remarks by professor Edward Miller. Segal Theatre.

7:30           PerformanceEdda Sickinger “Urban Touch.” Segal Theatre.

8:30          Reception in the Green Room (3111)


May 14 Tuesday



8:30 to 4 pm Registration

8:30-9:00       Morning Coffee (Break room, 5409)

9:00-10:30      Panel 2 in room 9204

Chair: Curtis Russell

Jisun Kim. Yale University

The Aesthetics of Storytelling Medium: Drama, Novel, and Film.

Elyse Singer. The Graduate Center, CUNY

Ophelia on the VR Stream: Performing Mad Scenes in New Media.

Stephanie Lim. University of California, Irvine

Finding a Formula for On-Screen Success: Live TV Musicals’ Experimentations in Liveness, Unpredictability, and Nostalgia.

10:30-11:00  Coffee (Break room, 5409)

11:00-12:30.      Panel 3 in room 9204

Chair: Christine Snyder

Andrew Zuliani. NYU

Screening the Book: “Kubla Khan” and materiality deferred.

Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw. NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study

Dragged into It: Making Kin with Cthulhu

Paula Vilaplana. Columbia University

Screening Teleplasms: The Female Body as a Proto-Cinematic Device.

12:30-1:30    Lunch (provided in the break room – 5409)

1:30-3:30      Performances at the Segal Theatre

Ashley Marinaccio. The Graduate Center, CUNY

18 Years Later: Voices of Post-9/11

Paulina Olivares

Ni Aquí, Ni Allá (Neither Here, Nor There)

Clareese Hill

The Hyper Present. The Manipulation of Time and Space

Michael Harrington and K.B.Thors

Running Lines: Screening on the Casting Couch

Carrie Sijia Wang

The System

3:30-4:00          Coffee break

4:00-5:30          Panel 4  in room 9204

Chair: Kyueun Kim

Sareh Z. Afshar. NYU

The Performance of Unvisibility in Postrevolutionary Iran: Martyrdom on Display an          Self-Surveillance in the Age of Necropticism.

Emma Humphris. Stanford University

Subjective Evidence Based Ethnography (SEBE): the role of technology in performance

Jumoke Adeyanju

{{{thirdspace(d)out}}} – A journey to the in-between through poetry, dance, music and visual art.

5:30-7:30      Dinner break

7:30              Keynote by professor Sarah Bay-Cheng at the James Gallery

8:30              Reception at the Archive (36 street)